PUR Perfect Binding

Apak has recently installed a PUR Perfect binding machine.  Stemming from our philosophy of delivering high quality product we decided to purchase a machine that was capable of living up to this reputation. Keeping up with our reputation we decided to go with a machine capable of handling PUR glue as opposed to an EVA glue.

PUR (Polyurethane reactive) glue is an extremely aggressive adhesive, far superior to the traditional EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) glue used in Perfect binding.  The adhesion with PUR is so strong that in most cases a pull test on the page will tear the paper before the PUR bond fails.  The aggressive nature of the adhesive makes it possible to adhere to a wide variety of substrates including coatings and varnishes.

PUR glue stands the test of time, even against the harshest elements.  Unlike EVA glue, sometimes referred to as “Hotmelt”, PUR does not cure with a cooling process.  The heating of PUR glue is done only as a means to form it onto the spine of the book.  The actual curing process occurs as a reaction with the humidity in the air.  In some bindery’s located in desert environments they will even go as far as adding a humidifier in there premises to ensure this process happens, because of Apak’s location in rainforest of Vancouver, BC, air humidity is not an issue.  The reactive curing processes of PUR glue makes our products useable in extreme environments (-40 degrees celcius to 93 degrees celcius) without pages falling out or spines cracking.  While the process does take longer (PUR requires 24 hours for a complete cure), the end product is undeniably stronger and cleaner as PUR cures clear.

A unique feature about our machine is it’s capability of producing high end short run books.  Make ready times are short and require few overs, in most cases less than 15 copies are required to make a required count.  The machine is designed to work with the soft inks and toners used in digital printing.  It has an inline knife scorer which eliminates cracking sometimes seen when scoring digital product with rotary scoring.  The other inherent benefit of the knife score is the capabilities of binding extremely thin books, Apak is capable of having spines as thin as 1mm thick!  The low quantities of overs required with the knife scoring makes this machine perfect fit for the growing requirements of digital print.

If you have any further questions about our capabilities or would like to schedule a job feel free to give us a call.