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Choosing Tab Options with Index Tabs in Printing in Best Designs for Various Bindings

Printing and publishing industry in Vancouver is on a steep growth phase. All the books being printed and published in the city have special designs as required by the publishers. These are improvised formats of printing books in many areas of the world and Vancouver printing industry is keeping pace with such features in publishing. Besides regular paperback and hardcover book printing, the industry also encompasses a wide range of diaries, spiral bound books and copies. While printing varieties are quite a lot in the industry in Vancouver, the indexing tabs have brought a new perspective to the options in front of the publishers.

Lasting impression in printing is offered by binders to various pages. Some of the spiral bound books are coming with index tabs in Vancouver, which are a kind of demarcations held along with dividers for strength. In most of the bound books, tabs are put in-between the pages and folded to bring about the demarcations. For finding different sections in a book, these tabs are quite handy, along with giving unique looks to the books. In Vancouver printing industry, such features are of huge importance, giving a lot of variations and attractive presentations to the books.

  • Choosing tabs in printing for its advantages and good finish

Advantages of index tabs are quite many, making their use quite frequent in the modern day scenario. To be successful in the printing competition among agencies, one has to have the knowledge of the right kinds of machines and tabs that would be utilized in the printing process. Therefore, selection of the printing tabs has to be done rightly. So, whenever there is a task at hand, the choices of sheet size and tab extensions need to be correct.

  • Index tabs in different varieties for printing agencies for good looks of the books

To make things easier for our printing agencies, index tabs in Vancouver are available in variety of designs and cuts. Mylar is one of the most frequently utilized varieties in the printing industry. This, in fact, is used to strengthen the index tabs by pasting them below the papers, helping with protection from wear and easy turning of pages. Mylar is also available in variety of colors. Paper tabs are also common, but these need to be adjusted with the width of the papers in the book. Colored inks are used for printing in these tabs, so as to help with better demarcation. Our publishing and printing unit at Apak Systems also provides punching, collating and reinforced binding edges in the Mylar strips or in the tabs.

Lots of advantages can be seen with the index tabs in the book binding and printing industry. In Vancouver, we have insisted upon providing high quality tabs for demarcation of pages and bringing forth a good quality printing for various publishers and printing agencies.


Standard Features
  • High quality 110# white index stock with Mylar® reinforced tabs
  • Typesetting and custom printing of your tab titles
  • Low prices for a variety of tab lengths and sheet sizes
  • Custom titles imprinted in black ink
  • Choice of clear tabs or one of 16 colors
  • 1/2″ tab extension
  • Three-hole punching

We also stock for immediate delivery of 1/10 and 1/15 tab cuts, numbered with black print, clear mylar on the tab, white or buff stock specifically for legal use.

We have numbered tabs, blank tabs, and alphabetical tabs in 1/26th cut.

If you have a special order you need we would be glad to provide a quote.


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