Book Binding

Apak offers many binding options such as Plastic Binding (Cerlox®), Plastikoil®, Wire-O®, and Spiral-O®. We pride ourselves on quality work and fast turnaround so we can make you look as good as possible in front of your customers and clients.

book binding

High Quality and Variety in Bookbinding in Vancouver for Successful Collaborations

Being known in the world of bookbinding in Vancouver, Apak has emerged as the preferred address for all those publishers and printing agencies to come up with the best designs of book binders and covers. Many books are recognized by the covers, providing them their unique appearance as well as the popularity. Probably from the 5th century, mankind has started putting covers on the collection of written documents, in form of papers or parchment writings. Gradually, book binding has become a commercial activity, with publishing industry becoming strong and being backed by good quality cover designs.

  • Leading bookbinders in Vancouver for best quality services with huge varieties

At Apak Systems, we have mastered the secrets of good bindings of book and operate from Vancouver to provide services for various publishers and printing agencies. Since our experience counts for high quality items, when our services are taken up, quality of the books also gets augured. It is with many aspects that our binding services have come across as the best in Vancouver. These include the quality of materials used for the binding process, use of high end technology for carrying out the process and the superior variety of bookbinding in Vancouver offered at Apak Systems. For this essential reason, our clientele extends across a wide variety of publishers, printers and individuals in Canadian cities.

  • Catering to commercial binding of books for different publishers

Almost all kinds of mechanical binding processes are possible at Apak Systems in Vancouver, thereby satisfying a wide spectrum of requirements across many service seekers. We offer clear acetate covers as well as colored covers made of linen, paper or pajco, to give projects a professional look. Our focus is on mechanical binding, which we excel on quick turn around times for Plastic coil, Wireo and Cerlox bound books. Our Wireo and Plastic coil books are particularly popular for working books such as manuals, and cook books.  Users can lay the book flat not worrying about them closing while working with their hands.

  • Intricate varieties across a wide spectrum for customer benefits

Most of the modern designs of bookbinding are also carried out at Apak Systems, so that our clients can get the exact kind of binders for their books. There are methods like Wire-O or double wire, twin loop, comb binding, spiral binding for thick or thin books, rangeing from 1/4″ to 1 1/4″. In regards to covers that can be used; in mechanical binding we can use the traditional 2 piece covers as well as more intricate semi hidden covers.  Semi hidden covers are quite popular as they provide a printable spine on the book while still keeping the workability of the mechanically bound book.

Bookbinding is a kind of artwork, which we have managed to maneuver across a large variety of designs. Our clientele has improved and you would be benefited for getting associated for your projects. Besides providing the best binding services in the field, we have a wide range of offers for affordable binding for large volumes of books and deliver them in time for your “due yesterday” deadlines.