Apak provides a range of services using high precision professional binding equipment.  Our services include but are not Limited to:

Index tabs

We have a multitude of combinations for mylar reinforcing and tab cutting to ensuring that we deliver a quality  product.  Through our 15 years of experience in index tab manufacturing and converting we have learned the tricks of the trade to deal with troublesome digital toners and slippery stock.  Our tab division is composed of a fleet of high speed machines capable of converting 5000 tabs an hour per machine with mylar reinforcement.  We are happy to services our customers across Canada with locations as far away as Toronto.

Book Binding

Apak has been in the bookbinding business since the company was formed over 30 years ago.  We offer 4 main types of book binding; Plastic Coil binding, Wireo binding,  PUR Perfect binding and Multibinding.  No job is to big or to small, running jobs as smalls as 5-10 copies and as many as 250,000 copies.

For our Mechanically bound books we have a fleet of automatic and manual punching machines capable of punching up to 50,000 sheets per hour.    This give us the ability to turn around massive quantities of product in short time frames.  We have many processes to bind both plastic coil and wireo to keep up with our high speed punches.  Our binding fleet includes 9 plastic coil binding stations and 2 automatic wire closing machines.

We are also pleased to announce that we have jumped into the world of perfect binding.  We have acquired a PUR perfect binding machine capable of quick turn around times with high quality products.  We exclusively use PUR (Polyurethane Reactive) glue to ensure the most aggressive bind available.  Our machine is capable of binding books as small as 4×4 and as big as 14.5x15BE  with the ability to effectively manage cross grains and folded signatures.  The capabilities and quality of our PUR machine has seen us serving clients locally in Vancouver as well as  other Canadian hubs such as Toronto and Montreal.  In some cases we have even seen short runs being shipped as far as Asia.

Multibinding is the last form of book binding that we provide at Apak.  Our 20 bin Multibinder will collate, stitch and face trim the products to finished size.  It is the most economic way to bind books for short or long runs.



Apak has the ability to collate both single sheets as well as prefolded signatures.  Our 32 bin single sheet collator can effectively collate single sheets at high speeds.  It has both a doubles and missing sheet detector to ensure only quality products are being delivered.  Our signature collator is capable of collating folded signatures at a thousands of copies an hour.  All 16 bins are operational and can also be used to collate thick cover stocks that would otherwise be unable to collated on tower based machines.

Calendar Tinning

We are one of the biggest tinning providers in Western Canada receiving and delivering tins all over Canada and the United States.  We stock 22″, 24″ and 27″ tins to ensure a quick turn around.  We are also capable of ordering custom tins to fit most size and color requests.


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