Pro-Lam Plus 330

Dual Heat System Laminator

Prolam Plus 330Product Summary:
  • Metal Cover (Dual Colour): For a longer lasting lifespan & a more professional, heavy duty look.
  • Silicon Rollers: Provide the flexibility of laminating with or without a carrier.
  • Metal Gears: To guarantee strength and durability.
  • Ready Light / Power Light / Power Switch
  • Forward / Reverse Switch: Allows easy corrective action for jams. (when document is improperly fed or temperature was set too high).
  • Heat / Cold Switch: Offers cold lamination function.
  • Electronic Circuit (PCB) & Gradual Temperature Control: For a fast, consistent and easy fine-tuning of temperature. Ideal when operator requires frequent changing of pouch thickness, pouch composition or when laminating different materials.
  • 13” Throat: Extra-wide entrance for easy pouch feeding.
  • Dual Heat System (heated rollers & heat plate combination): For a more efficient lamination at lower temperatures. Allows for a perfect lamination of all standard pouch thicknesses (from 3 mils up to 10 mils).
  • Photo Ready: Heated-rollers allow a balanced heat distribution during laminating process, guaranteeing a crystal clear, bubble-free laminating result even when laminating photos and ink-jet printouts.

Model: ProLam Plus 330
Throat Capacity: 330 mm (13″)
Motor: Heavy-Duty
Laminating Heat Range: 176 – 320°F
Maximum Pouch Thickness: 10 mils (250 Mic.)
Temperature Control: Electronic (PCB)
Laminating Speed: 540 mm/min
Cover: Metal
Weight / Volume: 9 Kg (19.8 lbs) / 1.0 CbFt
Warranty: 1 year